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Pre-Made Ostrich Patties----------------$7.99 lb.


Ostrich Steaks---------------------------$22.50 lb.


                 Fan - Oyster - Inside - Outside

We use only the tenderest cuts.


Ground Ostrich Bulk Package---------------------$7.50 lb.




Neck bones are great for BBQ; stews;

extra broth-----------------------------------------------$4.99 lb.

Emu Oil Products

3 size emu oil_0.jpg


Emu Oil 1 oz. bottle-----------------$10.50

Emu Oil 2 oz. bottle----------------$18.75

Emu Oil 4 oz. bottle----------------$32.80


Emu oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-micorbial properties naturally.  It is the most efficient carrier oil on earth, and can reach tissues 5 layers deep.  Thus, is a great moisturizer, reducing fine lines.  Emu Oil can be effective on many skin conditions, insect bites, burns, scars and pain.

Handcrafted soaps

soap display in basket_0.jpg

All Soap Bars are 4 oz. and Emu Oil Added

-----------------$5.50 each----------------

Pure Emu Oil                   

Goats Milk                        

Tea Tree Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Pepperment Essential  Oil

Our handcrafted soaps with emu oil are made from vegetable glycerin base.  They do not contain lye, alcohol or EDTA. Made with essential oils for purity, we do have some soaps with fragrances because of popular demand.  Our soaps moisturize instead of drying out your skin.  Tested on family and friends before introducting to the public.  We guarantee you will love the results!

(best results when used with a poof)

Ostrich Egg Shells

basket of eggs 2_1.jpg

Ostrich Egg Shells--------------------------$20.00 each

Emu Egg Shells

CW pics 075_0.jpg

Emu Egg Shells-----------------$10.00 each


Ostrich Dog Bones

Small---------------------------$4.00 to 6.00 each

Medium------------------------$8.00 to 10.00 each

Large---------------------------$12.00 to 15.00 each

Cured Ostrich Dog Bones are the bones dogs love.  Salted and cured, these bones will last the most avid chewer for weeks.  They are hard in nature with a soft bone marrow.  Keeps your pet interested for hours.

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